How a Female Runs the Show

Today was a busy day at that, and tomorrow will be the same.

“Who runs this world? GIRLS!

That’s right! Why? Because we have what it takes to over come anything! Today I proved that!

So as most of my readers out there know, and if you do not and you are just tuning in, I am a single woman, who works in the construction industry, and a proud furbaby momma.

I am the only female that is out in the field in my company, operating equipment, and for some equipment I have not ran, I sure did prove to them that women can do anything that a man does. My equipment that I operate most is our off road articulated dump truck.

I am the second best when it comes to operating one of these. However, today I got the chance to jump in an excavator to operate it for the first time.

My first time, I did awesome.

May not have the greatest, but for a Female, they said it was pretty damn good.

Note- I am always going to be that one female blogger, that will be different and who wants to be different to show that women need not to be afraid of anything.

Empower women, is what I strive to do, along with sharing ideas with others to make extra money they need.

I have most certainly been through a lot in the past 12 years just about. I have not had one steady job, always bounced from job to job, but somehow construction I was able to do. I do no t know how or why, but I love my Tonka Adult Toys. It is just who I am.

I have always been that Tom boy growing up.

But, ladies, and men as well, let me tell you. I would’ve NEVER imagined operating that excavator today. It was a feeling like no other. It was like taking your driving lessons, but EVEN BETTER.

The few from that seat, was an experience I actually want to take more seat time in.

For all who do not know what an excavator is:

Tomorrow will be another day of training as well, and I am so excited to get back into this seat in the excavator.

So, you are probably sitting there asking, why do I like working in construction? Well, to have you better understand, I never went to college after high school for any of this. My dad works in the same industry, but not the same company. I have always been fascinated of what he did for a living. When it was take your kid to work day, I was always excited for those days, that I would get to go with him and see all the cool things he would do.

When I was a senior in high school, I had started working in a cat shelter. I love that job, but two years later I knew it was not going to pay enough. So, I searched for many jobs throughout the years. Somehow landing in the heavy equipment jobs. I absolutely found a love for operating heavy equipment.

Ladies, still thinking your afraid? Don’t be, I will gladly show you!

If we all had that mind set, that we can do anything we set our mind to, this world would be so different than what it is today. There will always be new adventures in life. So why not try them?

Time to make a change in your health? Life? Home?

Check out Melaleuca today for their line of health and wellness!

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