Dog Parent Vs Parent

I always have people argue with me about what makes you a parent. A lot of the times, there isn’t a reason to argue. No matter what, humans will always need parenting. Doesn’t matter how old we get, some days we still need our parents. So, what about dogs, and I will not forget about our cat friends too.

I am one woman, I’m sure there are plenty more, who do not have kids. There are many reasons as to why.

I do not want to get into detail about this, however, I am here to make my statement, and let others know, that you are a parent no matter what creature you have.

Is there really a competition out there that sets women apart that in order to have that “mom roll” you HAVE to give birth? In my eyes, no. There are many women in different situations for whatever reason, may not actually be able to do so. Yes, there is the adoption process, but there are that few who cannot seem to ever go that route which can make things different for them.

I am in that position, where currently, I work full time in construction. The situation for later in life wouldn’t allow kids in my future. So, I became a Furbaby Parent.

Think about this.

Pets need us to care for them too. They do depend on us. Reason they have been domesticated since the early centuries.

They cannot go out and buy food for themselves, or get water for themselves. They love the companionship of humans or other dogs.

For many years I have called my pets, my kids or my furbabies, because they are more than just a pet to me. They know when my parents come over, and I tell them, “grandma and grandpa are coming.” They know exactly who they are.

I have had those few people that have always argued with me telling me you are not a mom. You do not have a kids. It tears me up when people say things like this.

You do not even know my situation to be making these comments like that to me.

Every woman leads a different life. Most get thast picture perfect life of that family they’ve always wanted. With that life of staying at home with the kids.

For those few of us, we didn’t ask for this. Hell, it has been such a struggle for me since I was 18, dating all of these idiot men, now I am 29 and still not in that “picture perfect life” every little girl dreams about.

There are days I get upsetting comments from my family who cannot seem to understand. It’s rough watching your mom, sister, and sister in law, how they get that “mom title”.

That’s WHY I have set out in my blogging journey, that is about:




To express what it is REALLY like to be in the shoes of a girl like me, go let other women know; you are not alone.

So, is there really Dog Mom vs Mom?

Like I said, we are all mothers in this life no matter how you look at it. Some have children, some have dogs, cats, farm animals, birds, fish. Every creature needs a figure to help them grow. To be there for them.

Think of this:

Your dog, who is about to become a mother, who is sick, just gave birth to her puppies. Shortly after the sixth puppy, she passes away. You have no other dog or animal to help those puppies. So, you get all the puppy milk you can possibly get, because you know every type of baby needs few every so often in the hours.

Those puppies are now depending on you for their survival. They depend on you to help them learn and grow. They are just like him and in every way possible. They just have a different way of life than us, but still need human interaction. They are here to please us.

So I do treat dogs like they are people, because they truly are.

They give us life. They teach us something new everyday that we never knew before. They don’t let things bother them.

Don’t forget the kitties-

They show us that, they can forgive us for everything we have went through. I know my dog, he has forgave me on a lot over the years. Trust me, they show this side. They feel hurt when you see it in their face if you take special close attention to them. They show fear, they show sadness.

But, I will always fight for my baby. I will always stand up for their needs.

I will always continue to fight this statement of being a parent.

I AM A FURBABY MOMMA- AND I AM PROUD OF IT. (And I proudly sport this on the back of my RAM truck, which I will talk about my love for trucks in another blog post)….

Thank you for reading, as always, please, like, comment, share!

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