How to Start Working From Home 2018

From my experience on this journey, it us most certainly not an easy one. It takes time to build an empire of a dream that you want to live out. Effort and energy, sleep lost, and feeling drained because you are trying your best to find that way that will work for you to work from home.

Trust me, I know this all too well.

When I first thought of the idea to work from home, the year was 2015, mind you, it’s 2018 now. The research I started, I started my research on Google. I looked for any way possible that I could to bring myself home, after all, so many people out there blogging about working from home, made it look so easy like they were a magician or had a magic wand. Or their fairy God mother granted their wish.

The fact of a matter is, it took time for them to build up that position, and now after 3 years or so, they are sharing their way of, how I make $4,000.00 every month from home, stories.

I can tell you the most biggest factor thst plays in this, if you ultimately want go work from home. It will not be easy, you will have to put the work into anything. The biggest step of all, is to, research.

Research. Research. Research. There are so many websites, search engines, and so on and so forth that you have to weed out the right ones that tell you the way to work from home. Now, I can only tell you from experience on my end, because I have tried, and failed miserably at some ideas, and taking the steps back to really keep doing my own research to help anyone else, is the way I want to live my life here. Because, I do know how frustrating this topic is.

I will tell you one way I tried to make money from home, and I have failed, because, products were too expensive where I live for people on their low income, or people felt like they were scam, or, MLM companies, are that triangle pyramid…

There are lots of Direct Sales companies out there to this day, that you can make an extra side income or make a full blown career out of!

The trick with this route is to seriously do your research on your area. See what people are interesting in. Find out what they are talking about, if they want to find a new job, lose weight, make up tips, hair tips. Any of these ideas that you see others posting, can help you make your decision, on finding a Direct Sales company category.

Most certainly, see which ones are legit and real! I will tell you one makeup company, that is real,


Now I did personally try this out myself, but the products people were telling me were “too expensive”. Again, I live in a low income area, so most people cannot seem to afford high quality products. I will get into this further down the line, try to find your right audience.

On to the next idea.

In the near future, I will have an E-book that will be available to all my readers. Just keep looking out for it!

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Jillian Michaels is at your fingertips with custom fitness and meal plans in her new app!

Again, I cannot express this enough, when you are on this path to work from home this year, just know, it will not come to you over night!

Have you ever come across those post that say, “make $500.00 in the next five minutes?” Yeah. I will personally tell you, that is a scam. I’m sorry, but if you are like me still, and you work a “9-5” job, you do not get paid that quick. You have to put work into something in order to get $500.00 dollars a week!

I hate scammers!

This goes back to, finding a legit way.

I have found that within all my research of working from home, I like original pictures of some actually trying out products. Like this one I will show you….

Absolutely, no filter, no Photoshop. That is my stove top, and my bowl!.

I started a new journey to eating healthier and to lose weight! Why, because of me working in construction, I would like to be fit and active. I do not want to be slow and sluggish anymore.

This awesome company, that I will share with you in this post, has over 400 products to choose from,

Health and wellness

Good and drink





So on and so forth!

Safe products that are non toxic to the environment!

Melaleuca, and I will leave my link here in this post for anyone wanting to look further into it.

Now, they have been around since 1983. This is an online store in itself. You cannot find any of these products anywhere local. However Melaleuca is like Sam’s Club. Anyone who joins, is a customer.

Each month you place an order with them, and all of your product is delivered through UPS. There is no cold hard selling with this company!

When you are a preferred customer, you get the perk of referring others to Melaleuca, and Melaleuca will pay you for the effort you put into it!

If you want to learn more, come check out,

Research. Research. Research. Try something out, and give it a whirl! People like to see others try something before they plunge into what you are doing. If you follow what I said in this blog spot to start your journey to work from home, you will do just fine.

My suggestion to you,

Google, Pinterest, YouTube.

These are my three main go to sites for any idea to make my journey to work from home.

You will do just fine!

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