How to start off you Mornings

I do not know how many others feel about this topic, but if any of you are like me, you want to start your morning off to a great start! I am in the beginning stages of loving the way i am starting off my mornings to get me through each day I wake up.

Last week, I start a new adventure of switching up the food I was eating and start a whole new adventure of being healthy.

I set out on a lot of new adventures this year, like getting out of debt, change my spending habits, change my thinking. Learning to not let things bother me, because I know in the end I will have a great life. With all the hard work I put into everything.

I always tell my critters and my other half, the future is bright no matter what.

I look forward to having a much better future for us, with alk the hard work I am putting in with working a fulltime job, my blog, and my other ways to make extra money and save ha e really put a smile on my face


You are probably wondering what my blog title is saying.

How to Start Your Mornings

I can explain this to you, with me, changing my diet up a bit and changing a few other things around, when I wake up, I need to not worry about what others think. That it is my life and I strive for the best and will always work hard for me, the person I am with, and for my dog and cat.

So proceeding to start off my days, I like to wake up with the mind set that each day will be a good day. I wake up knowing that I finally have the right people in my life to surround positive energy with, and knowing that I am doing my all to male sure my furbabies, my other half and I have that safe secure future .

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Another part of getting my mornings started of right is, by eating the right foods for breakfast in the morning.

By eating the right food for breakfast to get your day going to have an impact on how your day goes throughout.

These tasks are never ever,easy, believe me. There are tests and trials that I am still learning through this adventure . With the knowledge that I start to living a much better life, then getting to share with others what I learn from it all, puts me in a great mood.

Everything we do can change the way we feel every day.

So, let me try to explain what I am saying here and bit better.

I used to always seen to stop for fast food, what seemed like everyday. This was like 3 years ago that I would. Even though it was fast and easy to go through Dunkin Donuts and get my breakfast sandwich and coffee, I would feel quilt afterwards of spending almost $10.00 on just those two alone, and my mind and my gut wasn’t too please either.

Transitioning your life Style can be difficult, but can be rewarding.

Get the My Fitness by Jillian Michaels app for custom fitness programs and meal plans. Workout anywhere and cancel anytime.

Another new route I plplaan to finally start is exercising. My ultimate goal to look into joining a gym and start running.

However if the whether we ha e been getting ever changes soon(which I hope).


I need the sun for energy


Oh, the other thing I have changed was, drinking more water than any other fluid.

Did you know?

That if you do not drink water, you will die. You will be less cranky, perform tasks better. Ladies, water will make your skin glow.

There is a lot to benefit from drinking water.

So, what challenge will you start now in the mornings to come?

My next challenge is to keep going the direction I’m going with everything.

Here is yet one more way on how you can start your morning to a great start. Have the right positive energy around your life. By having the right people in your life to give you that positive energy every day to keep you going can make a world of a difference.

I had struggled with this for years with having the wrong negative people in my life. The way it would bring my mornings down to hear the negativity every morning, just drained me.

So what will your accomplishments be this year?




And share!


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