How to Get Yourself out of Debt.

It is real simple.

How to Get Yourself out of Debt in today’s World

I am living proof that anyone can do this move in their life to help them get all of their debt gone, and to actually save.

I have done this once before, and living through it again. There are simple ways you can do this to help gain your life back.

But, you have to be willing to take action for you story, and for the why part.

I seem to ask myself these three questions.

Why did I get myself into this?

How can I get myself out of this?

When am I going to see the light?

The first question to take a look at is,


It certainly wasn’t the ex I was dating or my friend to get me into this situation. It wasn’t my neighbor or my job.

It was simply ME.

I was the one who screwed up my finances, by doing the most stupidest move ever!

I can tell you a little story of my mess up of getting into debt, and can assure you I will not be letting this happen again.

It goes back to the year of 2015. I had everything going for me. I was working in a warehouse, I started working for them in 2013 of October. I was with them until about June, of 2015.

I wonder what life would be like today….

However, no regrets. Because even though I still struggle today, my life is the best it can be.

Back on track here!

So, I was at this warehouse job for almost shy of two years then. Things were getting rocky and uneasy like any warehouse job. So, I decided to shift a career change.

Now as most of you know by now, I am working in construction today.

I absolutely love my job today.

Anyway, when I left that warehouse job in 2015 in the month of June, I went to go work for a construction company then (totally different company from the one I’m at today).

I went for my field test and everything, and they hired me. They wanted me to start within a week, and right then and there gave my notice to that warehouse job.

That warehouse was upset I was leaving.

I felt so happy to be getting into the construction world, as of course, I was always fascinated in it because of my dad working in the industry.

Now up until then, I always had been good about saving money. Never thought of losing, always gaining. So, here is a little inside about construction.

Depending on what construction you are in, weather can play a factor if you get to make money or not during the weeks.

It is a struggle when you go one week without working because it rained. That me telling you this, is my advice to any of you whoever consider on working in this industry;

Have a side job lined up

Simply save your money.

Most guys I know in the construction industry have some type of second income coning in. Although some do have to take the unemployment route, and this is ok. But, it is only half your normal pay.

Trust me, I know how this route is, that us why I’m giving tips and advice and reassurance in each blog I post.

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If I would’ve learned and understood a lot more, I still wouldn’t be struggling today. That is why from my mistakes and past events I went through, I want to help anyone out there fix their money problems too.

Let’s understand more of the why here.

I will fast forward the next few months of me working at the construction company. It was about November 2016, I had made the decision I was going to get into the Army, Part time and was going to start a new job thst would be better flexible for the weekends for me.

I was studying for my test in between working and sleeping, and trying to spend time with my dog. Little did I know the next.

I was losing a lot of money at this point. I had $4,000.00 saved, and by the end of the year that year. I was under $1,000.00. My truck was giving me problems. The fuel running, and me beingv so stupid spending money on chew and vape supplies and monster energy drinks…

Then to put in the equation- I met a guy in this time frame only to find out he was a sex offender and used me for 2 months.

That’s when I knew I was in debt!

So much hit me all at once between November 2015 – March 2016.

My truck had finally broke- this guy literally promised me a fake life of nothing. Bought a new truck that I knew I couldn’t afford, and I had no job because this guy promised me a life of “luxury” when he had nothing.


Two months of hell with this guy. I screwed up my Army opportunity, at this point. I was not allowed to think for myself. He used all of my money. I had to thiknk fast snd quick from January to March how I was going to get out of this hell hole.

It took baby steps, but I eventually left him.

I did everything to get back my life. When March 1st, 2015 rolled around, I was finally away from the guy. I applied to several places within a weeks time and picked up a job.

I went for several walks collecting cans. Worked part time at another job. Moved all of my payments that had fell behind the last 5 months to the end of the loans.

It was tiring. But I managed.

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I am going to be straight up when I say this.

Everyone has a different situation they go through. I’ve been in debt since 2015, and it is extremely rough to get everything back under control.

But. It is possible.

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In order to have a better life, you have to put all the work into it.

I have learned the hard ways throughout the years.

You want to get out of debt, you have to think smarter about your money in any situation you are in.

I know from experience, everyone will go through different events in their life. To get yourself out of debt it starts with you.

One step is to see exactly where your money is going. Once you have figured that part, the next step is simple.

Applying your money to your bills.

Start to budget yourself on the items you can afford and are a necessity.

I know how frustrating this subject is! Trust me, I have picked up a few part time jobs myself to get out of debt now completely. It is a hardship that we all go through one time in our life.

Have faith, and things will start to change.

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