Savvy Ways To Improve Your Blog

If you are anything like me, you might be searching for ways to improve you.

Maybe it is a skill you are wanting to brush on?

Do you want to learn a new skill?

Maybe you want to become a better person?

Whatever it is that you are looking into, it always begins somewhere.


I almost though of taking a break from my blog here to actually brush up on my skills of blogging.

My number one go to source of learning the world of blogging is…..

Can I get a drum roll…


I am a HUGE Pinterest person anymore. I have set Facebook aside, not much one for Instagram lately, however Twitter is my second go to for a lot to grow my blog.

The reason why I considered on not blogging maybe for a week, was to actually reteach myself the basics blogging.

We all can take this course at times in our life, right?

I have learned that many come to start a blog just to make money.

Trust me, I would love this too.

But some days it may require you to take a step back into the

Fundamentals of blogging.

Blogging, is a way to write down what you know and guide others who are searching for a specific topic they are searching for.

Thinking about starting a Blog?

Think of your niche BEFORE you begin a blog.

I suggest before you start a blog, definitely grab paper and pen and write down what you know, so you have a clear mind of the topic you’d like to cover.

If you start a blog to just make money – you will fail miserably.

There is a lot to learn and research on blogging. I still do this while I continue to blog myself. Sometimes you have to brush up on things you think you know, but learn something new while you continue to learn.

Another thing I have been reading on.

People love those long, broken up blogs.

You know the kind. Those long blog posts, that have a paragraph of maybe three sentences, and it is drug out.

Yeah, people like to skim, they read, but they skim. So breaking up your post the way I am trying to do, because I myself that when I read other blogs, I like them to be easy to read through.

Oh, I know I have a long long way to go with my blog.

I will let you know this.

It does not happen over night to grow your blog. It does take A LOT time, effort, patience, and getting the right traffic.

I have found recently that you can create call-to-action buttons to generate on your blog, and this is another task that I plan to corporate in my blogs for future reference.

Always remember this.

It is ok to take a break from blogging to readjust your skills, to brush up on your writing, and to fix your niche.

There is no wrong in making this move.

I may have to at times to change things up a bit to keep my readers intrigued and excited.

Don’t ever get discouraged.

Just keep going until you see results. For many bloggers, it has taken them more than two years to see change in their blogs.

So, keep going. There is light.

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