How to Take a Break

How do you know when the right moment is to take a break from anything?

How do you become aware of everything you’ve been through needs to slow down?

What path do you take to make an adjustment in your life?

Where do you turn to when you feel you have no one?

I took a break from blogging this weekend to concentrate on getting my house done.

A lot of work I had been putting into it, and it seems so hard now to just walk away from it just yet.

Something is pulling me back into the life of the house after fresh paint on the walls.

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How can I walk away from this house I have worked so hard on in the past eight years now?

Where me and my furbabies have been in together. Where my golden retriever was since he was nine weeks old.

It’s simple really. I needed a break from being in that house after seven years of bad memories, it is amazing what paint does to an old house.

It can be a safe place for my boyfriend and family if they ever needed.

When I first moved in, the carpet was John Deere green(still is). The kitchen had dull brown cabinets, old kitchen turn dial clock stove.

The counter top was an almost 80’s style design. The floor was a 70’s style. The drop ceiling tiles were yellow and gross.

The whole house needed fixed up to be ready to sell.

But, after working on this house so long, it’s now hard to even sell it.

Learning my way through trying to save my money, I know I can do this on my own yet.

I felt like I was going too lose my house lately, that I needed to sell it before it was taken.

Bills were getting backed up. I was getting so scared. I literally sold everything I had.

I have no furniture now.

Maybe I need to break from the house to fix it, so I can start fresh. So I can become a better person.

I fell off my track completely.

And here is why

When you are surrounded by stay-at-home house wives/mothers, you feel like you are in competition when you are a single woman going into her earlier 30’s.

Let me tell you what it feels like to be a single lady, who’s never been married, who works in construction, and her only kids she will ever have in her life, are her furbabies.

It’s hard, you do not have many girl friends. You do not seem too click with anyone. It’s rough.

So, my life had completely flashed before my eyes.

I want to settle down with someone. I want a different place to live. I want what I want.

Fixing this house alone, with my parents help at least, has taught me this.

Women are able to take care of themselves. Now, this is a message I send to every woman.

Women- you are stronger than men. You can survive on your own without.

My post says, How to Take a break.

I took a break from living in my house to wanting to fix it up and sell it, so I can start to save more money. Well, as I started to save money the past almost three months, I notice now, I may not need to sell my house.

I feel safe there.

I feel safe with the way I am able to save money my way.

No, not that David Ramsey way.

I am going to do this MY WAY.

Because we all have a different life style the way we all live, right?

I’m not going to keep living life the way most do. My life is different. I need a break from other’s lifestyles and beliefs anymore.

I need to find piece, and seek out what I enjoy so I can have my life I dream of.

My other half said to me this weekend, I am stronger than that.

He is right, I am a strong woman to endure anything in life. He has seen it since the day we started dated.

Taking a break from things is usually an ok event to take on. It shows you who you really are as a person.

Even though at times it can be very stressful, and there are always tests to go through. In the end, it’s all worth it.

Even taking a break from blogging is ok at times to regain your thoughts to bring something new to the table for your audience.

I will continue to blog. I will not let anything stop me from this.

I learn nothing is going to stop me from having a great life.

It will be a great life. 😊😄

I hope to bring some new ideas to all who want to save money or make money.

So be on the lookout for my blogs this week!

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