Changing Things Around

I guess it comes with how things have been. Looking into a future that you know yourself will get better, right? Things need to change and you know it. Whether it is good or bad, you know that whatever changes you make in life, they will lead you to the opportunities you are longing for in life. This life is based on hard work. That is the cold hard truth. I have met along the way, people who try to scum off others and it is upsetting to me to keep watching.

It is unfortunate that I live in an area that most do not want to work for a living. Instead, they sponge of others or sponge off the government for their lazy life. Pathetic, I know. I would give anything for things to change around here.


I want to become more than what I am right now. I have more of a purpose in life and I do not want it going to waste.

I have not blogged in a few months. It hurt me to not be able to come on here to do what I know I should be doing.

Growing an audience to get them on board with me in the ideas of changing this world around.

Why did I stop?

The answer, I will not expose.

But, in order to have this life I am dreaming of come true, I REFUSE to keep hiding on the things that are possible for succeeding in life. I will pursue bigger and better joy in this life if I can just get the courage to do what I love to do and not let others ruin things.

I am ready to make a lot of changes, especially to this blog, and keep going to have the life I am dreaming of, because in the end, that hard work will pay off.

I have sat, researched, and kept doing what I needed to do to understand how blogging ACTUALLY works.


There is a trick to everything in this life if you do your research the right way.


To my readers out there,

I am going to be making quite a few changes to my blog here and hope you are ready for the power of what will come. I am hoping it can bring me success finally.

I am ready to take this blogging world back on!



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