Make Money Strategies – blog #1

Yes, the title of this blog post is correct!

I feel the need to rearrange my blog here, and try something a little bit different to redirect myself in a whole new mindset of what I am trying to do for my life and not for others. Should be simple! Take care of you, focus on you, and get to the top of that mountain that you deserve to be on, the rest will soon follow.

I have been struggling with money the past 5 years and it has taken a tole on me for the worst. I do not get out like I used to. I do not get to go on vacations because it seems like money has to be involved on going on any vacation. I do not get to take care of my dog like I need to. It has all been rough, and I refuse to keep living life the way I am living!


So, what I have to do, or what I had to do was step back from things and focus on what I really needed to do be doing.

That is why I have not really blogged in so long here.

For my readers, I want to apologize for this.

I am going to try the hang of this blogging for another round and see how I do.

Everyone looks for the idea(s) of making money, right? I do it everyday. I know how it feels. I however have a full time job yet, but I still want to make some extra money on the side. No matter what it is, I want the that extra side hustle. (Especially on theses rainy days where I do not work at all)

I went ahead and got right into make money ideas and configure out how people actually really “make money from home” and some of these ways I am still testing out the waters myself on these ideas and once I see success, I will most certainly share all the ideas with you as time goes on.

When I first heard of the idea of working from home, and friend of mine actually does. The idea of working from home to me now for the past five years is still a dream of mine. Looking for the right way to work from home however seems like it has been a struggle for me because, there are so many scams out there!

There are real ways to work making money from home. Truth is, when starting out, it will be small amounts and you will be doing a few side hustles to really make that “one income” compared to having a full time job when starting out.

There are many ways to start out in this adventure, but doing research is a big part on anyone before jumping in the pool of entrepreneurs and work at home mom and dads.

That is a way to learn anything in this life is research and finding out for yourself if that idea is worth the time to put in or not. I am stilling learning this curve balls as I go with finding ways to make extra money. It is the biggest struggle I have ever been through to have this journey.

This journey of wanting to work from home and stay at home more and something I want, but I still want an income to provide for myself and for a future family, (if the day ever comes).

With that set aside, even if you are college student most of these ideas will work for you as well to make a little extra through college, even as young as high school students will be able to do some of these money making ideas.

Let’s all face it. MONEY is this annoying thing that makes the world go round, round, round, and yes round. We all need it.

So in my next blog posts to come I will dig into some awesome money making ideas for all of you to check out!


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