Being a Pet Parent – The Beginning Stages

If you ever thought of getting a pet to be in your life, there are questions and quizzes you MUST put yourself through before bringing home that adorable furbaby. Furbabies are not by any means something to get and to just throw away. Let me first go through some simple steps to take to make sure, you, are prepared to bring home your furever furbaby!




Financially Prepared

Before considering you are wanting a new furbaby in your life, the first step is to check your finances to make sure you can afford the extra expenses of taking care of them. Sure, you think of just food and water, but you have to think about if they get sick and possibly need a vet.

Call around local vets to get their rates on how much they would charge for the breed and the size you are looking to bring home. See how much it would cost for shots, an exam, so on and so forth. To prepare yourself for the expense in case they would nee to go to the vet for anything.

Next, do some research of different brands of food that are out there to be as well get a good idea of how much it would cost to make sure you have enough money to buy their food they need.

Also, make sure, toys – they would love to have some sort of stimulation time if they are completely bored.



It seriously takes your undivided attention to take care of your furbaby. If you have friends that like to go to the bars, you may have to learn that you cannot go to the bar as much as you like to. Your potential new furbaby needs you to be able to take them on a walk, play with them, make sure they go outside to use the bathroom.

Having a furbaby, takes time and takes energy. So remember to set aside quality time for them!


Choosing the Right Breed

Believe this or not, but choosing the right breed to be in your life is an essential part of life. You do not want to be living in a one bedroom apartment, and have this huge Labrador Retriever that likes to go hunting and be active. To me, living in a one bedroom apartment, I would consider a very small dog, that doesn’t need a whole lot of space, but still needs areas to run around, so make sure you have a dog park safe enough to let your pup run around.

If you are an outdoors person, then this is where I would say a Labrador Retriever would come into play. Great for getting outside and getting the chance to run around.


Well, I do hope some of these tips help you out in the long run to consider on getting a new furbaby!





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