Health and Wellness 2018

As we all are aware, living a better lifestyle is in the midst of today. We all want to find new ways to make extra money, we all want a new healthier lifestyle. Today, I notice more and more people are taking of advantage or any new healthier lifestyle they possibly can. But, how do you know the right route to take?

There are so many different alternatives out there that we waste our money on, trying five different health avenues until we realized, we have wasted money on such ideas.

Has anyone thought of something simple?

I know for me, this year I have decided to change A LOT with my diet, my finances, and my fitness.

Eat the right foods and taking care of myself this year is my new years resolution along with saving money a.d getting out of debt.

This year, I have made the push to switch all of my shopping to an online shopping club, where they carry over 400 products of much safer non toxic household cleaners, sports nutrition, Healthy snaking, beauty, makeup, hair products, and much more.

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I have personally tried their line of lip gloss, and I have found better quality in them than any other brand.

Their line of cleaners is what I fell I love with the most. The fact that they are much safer and non toxic, I do not ever feel terrible cleaning my home with their cleaning line. I have thrown out all of my other cleaners since switching to Melaleuca. They are two times more concentrated. They do not leave a harsh chemical smell while cleaning like Clorox would.

I am also starting my switch to their line of weight lose foods, drinks, and Shakes. Thus journey I have yet to start on, but ready to embrace this new one very shortly!

So, which is the best way to start to live a much healthier lifestyle?

Anyone has their own opinions on a better, healthier lifestyle. But, what if you were a person wanting that Change?

This company is another great asset to anyone who is also looking for a perfect business opportunity on top of a new healthier lifestyle. Anyone who signs up with this company, is a customer no matter what, but being a preferred customer you get a little more out of it. You can turn this company into a great business of your own to help you get out if debt!


Just by sharing this amazing company you can definitely start making an income with this! Whether you have a full time job, or you are a stay at home mom, this company is perfect for anyone into the health and wellness world!

So, are you ready to make a new healthier change?

Stay tuned for my next blog for more!


How I am Turning my Finances Around

I know how hard it is to make ends meet on your own. It has been. Such a struggle probably since I was the age of 22 when I had purchased my first home. I have most definite hit a lot of road bumps and road blocks in my life.

Over the years, I would have others ask me for help by just giving them money. I have always been the one to help anyone, but overtime, it was beginning to be upsetting that these people, (that I knew for so long, went to school with, are asking me for money!?).

When I started this blog, it was in June of 2017. I knew there was some way I could reach out to these folks to share with them the ideas that I could make some extra cash, turn to my life around.

But no one would care to listen.

So, this year, I made the challenge, that I would turn my finances around.

The more I research about this, the more it begins to get easier. Researching, learning, and knowledge are the key to anyone’s success.

You must be willing to do these steps in order to change.




Research about something before you get started on any idea to make sure it is something that’ll work in the end.

Be willing to learn on how to measure the success later.

Having the knowledge that you already have to prepare for you next adventure.

There are many steps I am taking to turn my finances around this year in 2018. Although baby steps are being taken, I already have notice a CHANGE in my account.

Happy dance

The steps listed below are the ways I have that it has helped me in some ways so far this year:

Stop eating at Fast Food places

It may be a hard thing to do, that quick stop after a long hard 15 hour day of working, but this step has surely helped me to regain some of my money. Start packing extra in your lunch box if you know you will be stuck at work longer than you will be. Definitely prepare meals for the week if you know you will be home late, so you can reheat them during the week.

This step has helped me!

Figure out where your money is going.

Have you ever wondered why your bank account was lower than normal? Maybe there was a habit you were doing that you knew you could quit? I had one. Maybe you are a smoker or chew tobacco, or drink beer? Are these items really needed? Did you know that your brain actually tricks you into saying you need a cigerate or you need a drink. These are not an “addiction” or a “fixation”. These are something that gives you something to do if you are bored. So, if you are wanting that brand new Mercedes-Benz one day by starting to SAVE your money, just stop buying cigerates, chew, and beer!

Join an affiliate program

I know this idea may sound crazy, but these can help you boost up your income to help you fix your finances. Most affiliate programs are free to join, and it is something to look into in my opinion. They will take a lot of work on your part, but it will pay off in the end. Here are a few for you to look into.

BuckedUp Apparel

Legging Girl

Make Money with your smartphone

I have had a lot of people think I was crazy for this idea, but when I am at work driving my off road truck, I have time to sit there while getting loaded and make a few cents or dollars or even earn gift cards with my phone.


Inbox Dollars is an app for both Android and IPhone that you can sign up for, for free, after signing up, you will receive $5.00 for joining. You can take surveys, watch video clips, read paid emails, and sign up for the offers they have. You can even refer others to join you. Which I left my Referral link for you.


Check out Swagbucks! I use it to get free gift cards! Click my link to join:

Swagbucks is similar to Inbox, however, you earn points to redeem for gift cards. You can take surveys, watch video clips, shop through the app.

Collect aluminum cans

I have always been told that this is a stupid idea. But, this year I plan to make an extra $2,000.00 just by collecting cans. All I do, is get out, take my dog for a walk, grab some bags, and gloves of course too! We do pretty good on our walks. We can fill up a Wal Mart bag on one walk. It is therapeutic for me, I get to spend time with my dog, and earn of few cents here and to add up to dollars later.

There are litterally hundreds of ways to start to turn your finances around, if you are willing to change! No one will do this for you.

I love to share ideas with anyone who is willing to do something different in their life.

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to get out of debt thus year? Maybe be able to buy Christmas gifts this year? START TODAY WITH YOUR FINANCES.

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Be the Change You Desire

It is always rough, when you feel like you have that desire, that extra energy that you know you can do something more in your life.

What happens when others see something different?

They question every move you make, every step you take. Someone says something on an opinion you have or an idea, and it is frustrating you feel like you have no where to turn to.

I have been through enough the past 12 years almost to understand this.

I know what I deserve in this life now, and I will find any me and right now to get to that point.

So, I am doing all that I can to change my life to see better results. To have that life I deserve.

Not every woman gets the fairytale ending, marriage, kids, a man to take care of them. Some have quite a different road, where they never thought it would lead them to where they got. It has been so rough on me to not understand why I didnt get to live my life like this yet.

Here I am at the age of 29 almost 30, and I’m in debt. Trying to sell my house to hopefully relieve me of thst burden. Working all the hours I can at my full time job, plus learning other avenues of making extra cash and saving money.

It has been the toughest last three years of my life to swallow what has been going on. I do not ask for money from anyone, I simply find ways to work for it myself, and the results have been in my favor.

That is what one thing in this life I am learning, that to have something you want, you have to be the change you desire.

No one else can do the work load for you.

The area I currently live in, it is full of government help, and it is hard to get others to change when I know they seem to struggle. I can most certainly set forth ideas to anyone, but ultimately it is up to them to change. I cannot make other’s do anything. ONLY THEM.

It has been amazing lately. The amount of work I have done so far this year to start noticing little changes in my life alone, that I know can only get better from here.

So my ideas and tactics will start to change in my blog posts as I keep going, and my social media.

My ideal life, is to change my finances around, look at where I do not need to be spending money, VS I need to in other places. Next, my health and my eating habits need to change. Stop eating the unhealthy processed foods, eat better and right, exercise more. Take advantage of what our smartphones can do, by making us a few extra dollars each month. Finding new girl friends to hang out with thst enjoy life the way I enjoy it.

I plan to be the change for me this year, 2018.

Start taking control over your life today. Don’t let others tell you how to live life. Do what makes you happy, change something if it makes your life uneasy. If someone questions your every move, ask them, is this your life? If you get the answer, no, then show them the results step by step how you are going to make it in this life.

Be the change you desire!


Blame Yourself

Stop putting all the blame on everyone else what you have been through in life, because in the end, you are the only person to blame for your actions and for your responsibilities!

I see it every day, on my Facebook the negativity that I am around. I do not put myself near it, but it’s on my Facebook, and every post has someone complaining about something! My favorite one of all time!


YOU are the only person to blame for any life event you have went through, and truthfully YOU are the only one to change ANYTHING.

As I keep getting deep into blogging, yesterday actually really changed my perspective on how to steer anyone in a better direction. (I live in an area with closed minded people, who complain about all of their problems and do not do anything about).

I simply sit back anymore and watch it unravel.

I changed my thinking around and said, if I cannot HELP anyone, I can certainly keep sharing my ideas and ways, and maybe someone may soon start following because they will notice a change in my life.

Side note about me- I enjoy helping charities out. The charities that I help out more, are homeless pets, animal shelters and more. As you all know from reading my blog posts, I am a proud furbaby momma.

This is my reason behind why I am a little nervous on other charities anymore.

Do you all know that GoFundMe page?

Yeah, that website you can start a fundraiser for, in need of actually charities who are in need?

Well, this is my big part as to why I have a hard time just HELPING people by giving anything too!

In the past few years I have seen people take this website into a whole new level which has deterred me to just giving. They would start one up for “hey all, I want to go on a trip.” Or, “I need help raising money for my next car”!


Like this is how society is getting anymore?

So, I ask the question anymore, what got these people into the situation they are in today?

And I tell you what I feel, because it has happened to me. I did everything to my self. My finances got ruined because I let myself be in these controlling relationships in the past. My debt has grown because I was spending on things that weren’t needed. I am the one to blame.

That goes for anyone who asks me for money- I can help anyone in need, but the way I help is by sharing my finds with you all of how I am saving money or making money. It is hard to make changes in your life, and trust me, it. An be.

You know, my parents learned the hard ways as we were growing up. Today they are managing as well to get themselves out of debt as well, by taking that first step, they are not blaming others for the way the spent money. They are just simply taking charge on the future.

My post today, I encourage everyone to take a step back, look in the mirror, and say to your self, I did this to myself. I have no one to blame but me.

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Start Working From Home Today

As I am on this journey of trying to work from home, with doing all my research about blogging, affiliate marketing, so on and so forth, the main thing I struggle with, is driving traffic to what I do.

What is the best way to do so?

Well, as many others who set forth this journey, there comes a lot of patience, understanding, learning, researching, and brainstorming. Hard work does take time to see results in the end.

Everyday, I like to post in my blog at least once a day to improve my writing and understand what people are looking for today.

So, what do I mean about start working from home today? What is this post about?

Let me explain.

The past few weeks it has been so hard for me to keep it together, that I had full blown cried finally last night. In the matter of two weeks I had two people ask me if I could lend them money. One was going to rehab and needed help to buy cigerates (this made me upset), while the other was saying about problems with income. My answer to them was simply, I cannot, but if you actually come to my blog, you can get ideas to help you.

Whether or not they did come and read my blog, I will never know. I work hard for this, because I see the potential of the internet in the world we live in today.

There are literally more than 100 ideas to make money from home. But, the thing about this is, they all take time, effort, work, and you need to have an open mind about doing any of these tasks that I mention through my blog. It can be so simple once you sit down and take the time to learn.

I right now, know it is a struggle with creating income, saving, and trying to make ends meet on my own. Currently working full time in construction, and starting my adventure to get to that day I can work from home, is going to be an up hill battle.

Truth is, things just do not come easy. That is the cold hard truth.

If you are ready to start a new adventure, you did come to the right blog! I would love to have a group of like minded people who are ready to take advantage of the internet world making an income.

There are so many ways to leverage the power of the internet in the world that we live in, if you are wanting to start working from home today.

Now, I am still a fresh blogger here yet, but the more I keep learning this, I keep finding ways to make money doing so.

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ideas of making money through the internet. There is one that is very popular to use is, Amazon. I’ve tried out Amazon before, and at the time it was hard for me to keep on track with the amount of hours I was putting in at my full time job.

Did you know that you can make money through your smartphone? There are apps you can download on your phone to make a few extra dollars.

Did you know about an app called Inbox Dollars where you can get paid?

The world of technology is at our finger tips, and we must gain a whole new lifestyle. Slowly the stores are closing and the internet is now making it more of ease to shop, and to make money.

So, are you ready to start working from home today?


Six Ways to Earn Extra Cash at Home!

The past few weeks have been a wow factor for me. I have had a few people that asked if I could lend them money. I never had the problem of helping others who are struggling. I still struggle to this day. This is why I have started a blog, so I can help you or anyone who may need some ideas or advice on anything. Or, maybe you need that motivation in yourself after reading.

If you ever wondered of how you can simply make a few extra bucks while sitting at home, you came to the right place to find out just how you can!

You can start these ideas as soon as today even!

Yep! That is true!

By having the right mind set and be willing to actually put the time and effort into these crazy, simple, easy, side hustle ideas to help you earn a little extra cash this month!

I must clarify, you will certainly not get rich off of these ideas, but, you can if you work at these every day make some extra rent money.

Remember-anything takes hard work, time and effort!

Here is a list of ideas that you can definitely start making extra cash today!

Collect aluminum cans

Mow grass

Shovel snow

Have a yard sale



Read this until the very end for a few special other ideas!

I have done these six ways before in the past, and each one has made me have that extra boost in my finances. It is amazing the extra little bit can help each month.

Number 1: Collecting Aluminum Cans

I know this may sound like a dirty job, at times it definitely can be. But, we all either have those people in the area that party in the woods, leave their cans on the ground. Or those areas where the mountain critters drag your garbage everywhere.

Amazing how these cans end up everywhere!

Trust me!

I personally do this for that extra money, and there are a two ways you can collect these. I myself do both ways.

One, if you enjoy getting out on walks, then I would suggest, on grabbing some bags, make sure to take gloves, and as you are walking be on the look out for any aluminum you might see. This also helps you feel better about cleaning up the environment too, and you are stashing up some extra cash to take to the scrap yard!

The second way you can collect cans is either checking on Craigslist in your local areas to see who might be getting rid of cans, or by asking your friends and family if they would part with them.

Number 2: Mowing Grass

I have done this task one summer when I needed to maje a few extra $$$. It sure did help me out the one year that I needed it. I can tell you, I set my price at an even amount, and it worked out great.

So, what I had done, was I made fliers and hung them in public places such as laundromats, some grocery stores, and other places. I had gotten a few calls for homes to cut their grass. We worked out some deals. Some I would cut every week or every other week, getting about $60 to $100 bucks every week.

There is money to be had in cutting grass and you could potentially make a little side business from it and eventually grow it.

Number 3: Shoveling Snow

We are still in the Winter season yet to be shoveling snow, and still can make a decent amount every week from this.

Setting this up is the same way as if you want to cut grass.

Start building your client list for shoveling snow and cutting grass!

Number 4: Have a yard sale

I don’t know about y’all, but back in October of 2017 since I made the decision to put my house up for sale, knowing I was not going to need everything, I started selling everything.

Now, there are a few ways you can sell your stuff if you do not have the time to hold a yard sale(it was hard for me to have one, so I found these few ideas to be helpful.)

You can sell your unwanted items on Craigslist

Download an app on your smart phone device called LetGo

Download an app on your smart phone called Offer Up

Both LetGo and Offer Up are both similar in a way. You signup for either one you want to pick. You can sign up using your Facebook account, or email. Both are free to use.

Once you have made your profile, start snapping some pictures of your item, set a price, title and description, and start selling!

Always use caution with these ideas!

Number 5: Babysit

If you are a person who is great with kids, then this could be of use for you! If you know of any friends and family who could need a babysitter, and start set to your price.

You can also sign up on to find some families who need a babysitter in your area.

Number 6: Petsitting

Last but not least, Petsitting. If you hq be a live for pets and know people that could use a persitter this is definitely a side income to look into! People do spend a lot of money on their pets and Petsitting is definitely one!

Again, you can also check

Ok, I think we covered enough of ideas for now.

So, what are you waiting for!?

Get out there and start rolling in the money!

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We Can All Learn

When it comes to working hard for everything you have, it means a lot to yourself thst you made all the learning curves, mistakes, and any turns to get to the point where you wanted to be.


Throughout many years that I put in the time, the sweat, and tears to make sure my furbabies had a better life in the end.

That was my ultimate goal.

To some extent today, I feel like I failed them in a way, like my adorable cat I had for ten years. I felt like I couldn’t spend more time with him in his last days of his life, because I was trying so hard to keep letting him have a better life, even though he was telling me, he had a good life.

Buzz Bud Lightyear, was his name.

I wanted him to have such a unique name, and he definitely did. My mom said he had a punamy face to him, s o we nicknamed him Punam.

Oh, writing this puts a tear to my eyes.

Anyway, as I want to finish this blog post out, there is a lot we can most certainly learn from our Furbabies. No matter what pain they endure in their lives, they seem to not let any of it get to them. Whether they have cancer, a broken leg, or any other illness, they seem to keep moving without slowing down. Most of out furbabies, when they need it, they need to do a thing called earthing. That is when they need to be outside and enjoy the nice whether on those warm, Spring, Summer, Fall days. It helps them to keep being motivated, that maybe they can fight the battle they are going through.

So, this is something I am putting into what we as people can do when we are down on our luck.

Believe me, I have been through it and still going through hard times.

Whenever I feel like I am ready to fall apart with everything going on, I, myself need that push from mother nature when I do not seem to have it from anywhere else. That’s when I will just get out and go for a walk, or bead out to go fishing, or enjoy a nice hike in the mountains. This is what I call, earthing, for us. So whatever that hobby is or adventure that you like to do outside when you need that pushing and motivation to keep going, remember to get out there and do it.

For anyone who ever struggles with anything in life, just know, that situation isn’t the end for you. It is a test that we are put through in life to see what we can actually do for ourselves.

When I preach about ways of making money, saving money, working hard, being a single woman who works in construction, no it is never easy to keep going. But, lately I finding that the more I blog, it may in fact start helping anyone who may need it. That extra motivational push, like earthing does for me.

We as people, help each other in so many ways, like our furbabies show us how they live and don’t like things bother them. How a dog and cat become buddies, and help each other out.

People help people in any industry; bloggers help anyone needing advice, construction workers help with trying to make roads better-building new houses-building a new warehouse-ect., Nurses help people in a nursing home or hospital, and so on and so forth.

Let’s take a step back, of how we can learn from our furbabies. They are more understanding and more forgiving in the difficult times you may face in your life. My advice is this,

Keep on moving when things get tough, and do some earthing if you need to keep being happy and motivated to see something through.

This life is full of ideas, and things to help you get out of your struggle you are in.

My furbabies have taught me so much in the past, that without them, I do not know where I’d be today. They have always been my big push, because if I didn’t get up and go to work or somehow make that money, who was going to take care of them? Certainly not anyone else.


We can all learn from our furbabies.

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