How to Find Ways to make extra money

Did you know, that the world we live in today is full of technology that you can find a way to make a little extra cash these days?

Crazy, I know, right? When I first found out about this, I was blown away I had to try it for myself.

I’ve been researching the past four years to bring in a few extra dollars on the side.

Well, in this blog post, I am going to share with you all how you can start to search for legitimate ways to make money.

Like I had made mentioned above, I have been searching for many ways to make extra money on the side. Through different search sites and social media, it’s been an up hill battle finding the legit wats to make a little moola.

Let’s face it, we all want a little extra money at times. But, what are wats to search and weed out the best possible choices.

Where do you start to search?


If your like me, always wanting to get ahead in life, pay off debt, and want to have a secure fund where you have money always set aside for any occasion, then get ready for some awesome information.

I enjoy researching.

For what it seems like forever for me, I have been looking for legit ways to make a little extra side income. For any idea I have found came intensive, dig deep research.

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Have you ever went on search engines to look up something? Like ideas for dinner, home decor, books, and more? Well if you dig through these search engines deeper, and are tempted to make a little side income, then you can certainly my do so!


There are many search engines out there to seek out a way to make extra income.

These are the search engines that I have been using now for that last almost 4 years.








Now, there is a reason for why I have these ideas and in the order I did.

Pinterest is one search engine I use the most to find my ways to make extra cash. I ha e recently learned that pins have a tendacy to be on for three months at a time, and pins get REPINNED! If you take notice to those pins that are nicely displayed, bright colors, and the fonts are cool, they are very eye catchy!

So I would highly recommend Pinterest to do a lot of your research!

YouTube is my second on the list. I don’t know about you, but I love to see visual of anyone with a way to make extra cash. It definitely can set your mind at ease when actually seeing someone making money.

Google is another search tool I like to use to find out more about making extra cash. If I run into the Direct Sales companies through the Internet, I tend to search them through Google to find out more about that specific company. Checking their ratings through BBB (Better Business Beurao).

Indeed can have some awesomne jobs if you ever needed a part time legit job along your full time job. Lately I have been using Indeed as well to search for some ways on there to make a few extra bucks.

Craigslist is definitely that site that has been around for a while. You can search for a wide range of just about anything on there, however:

I would use extreme caution when using this site!

Instagram I usually will be scrolling through mine and may seem to find at times something to make extra money. Sometimes it is worth a shot to go through.

Last but not least!

Facebook, and I no longer use, but if you search for groups that are local in the area you live in, Facebook has jobs posted in your area so you can find something to make a few extra bucks.


If you are ready to start searching, I hope that these ideas help you to get started.

Remember to






How to Get Yourself out of Debt.

It is real simple.

How to Get Yourself out of Debt in today’s World

I am living proof that anyone can do this move in their life to help them get all of their debt gone, and to actually save.

I have done this once before, and living through it again. There are simple ways you can do this to help gain your life back.

But, you have to be willing to take action for you story, and for the why part.

I seem to ask myself these three questions.

Why did I get myself into this?

How can I get myself out of this?

When am I going to see the light?

The first question to take a look at is,


It certainly wasn’t the ex I was dating or my friend to get me into this situation. It wasn’t my neighbor or my job.

It was simply ME.

I was the one who screwed up my finances, by doing the most stupidest move ever!

I can tell you a little story of my mess up of getting into debt, and can assure you I will not be letting this happen again.

It goes back to the year of 2015. I had everything going for me. I was working in a warehouse, I started working for them in 2013 of October. I was with them until about June, of 2015.

I wonder what life would be like today….

However, no regrets. Because even though I still struggle today, my life is the best it can be.

Back on track here!

So, I was at this warehouse job for almost shy of two years then. Things were getting rocky and uneasy like any warehouse job. So, I decided to shift a career change.

Now as most of you know by now, I am working in construction today.

I absolutely love my job today.

Anyway, when I left that warehouse job in 2015 in the month of June, I went to go work for a construction company then (totally different company from the one I’m at today).

I went for my field test and everything, and they hired me. They wanted me to start within a week, and right then and there gave my notice to that warehouse job.

That warehouse was upset I was leaving.

I felt so happy to be getting into the construction world, as of course, I was always fascinated in it because of my dad working in the industry.

Now up until then, I always had been good about saving money. Never thought of losing, always gaining. So, here is a little inside about construction.

Depending on what construction you are in, weather can play a factor if you get to make money or not during the weeks.

It is a struggle when you go one week without working because it rained. That me telling you this, is my advice to any of you whoever consider on working in this industry;

Have a side job lined up

Simply save your money.

Most guys I know in the construction industry have some type of second income coning in. Although some do have to take the unemployment route, and this is ok. But, it is only half your normal pay.

Trust me, I know how this route is, that us why I’m giving tips and advice and reassurance in each blog I post.

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If I would’ve learned and understood a lot more, I still wouldn’t be struggling today. That is why from my mistakes and past events I went through, I want to help anyone out there fix their money problems too.

Let’s understand more of the why here.

I will fast forward the next few months of me working at the construction company. It was about November 2016, I had made the decision I was going to get into the Army, Part time and was going to start a new job thst would be better flexible for the weekends for me.

I was studying for my test in between working and sleeping, and trying to spend time with my dog. Little did I know the next.

I was losing a lot of money at this point. I had $4,000.00 saved, and by the end of the year that year. I was under $1,000.00. My truck was giving me problems. The fuel running, and me beingv so stupid spending money on chew and vape supplies and monster energy drinks…

Then to put in the equation- I met a guy in this time frame only to find out he was a sex offender and used me for 2 months.

That’s when I knew I was in debt!

So much hit me all at once between November 2015 – March 2016.

My truck had finally broke- this guy literally promised me a fake life of nothing. Bought a new truck that I knew I couldn’t afford, and I had no job because this guy promised me a life of “luxury” when he had nothing.


Two months of hell with this guy. I screwed up my Army opportunity, at this point. I was not allowed to think for myself. He used all of my money. I had to thiknk fast snd quick from January to March how I was going to get out of this hell hole.

It took baby steps, but I eventually left him.

I did everything to get back my life. When March 1st, 2015 rolled around, I was finally away from the guy. I applied to several places within a weeks time and picked up a job.

I went for several walks collecting cans. Worked part time at another job. Moved all of my payments that had fell behind the last 5 months to the end of the loans.

It was tiring. But I managed.

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I am going to be straight up when I say this.

Everyone has a different situation they go through. I’ve been in debt since 2015, and it is extremely rough to get everything back under control.

But. It is possible.

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In order to have a better life, you have to put all the work into it.

I have learned the hard ways throughout the years.

You want to get out of debt, you have to think smarter about your money in any situation you are in.

I know from experience, everyone will go through different events in their life. To get yourself out of debt it starts with you.

One step is to see exactly where your money is going. Once you have figured that part, the next step is simple.

Applying your money to your bills.

Start to budget yourself on the items you can afford and are a necessity.

I know how frustrating this subject is! Trust me, I have picked up a few part time jobs myself to get out of debt now completely. It is a hardship that we all go through one time in our life.

Have faith, and things will start to change.


How to start off you Mornings

I do not know how many others feel about this topic, but if any of you are like me, you want to start your morning off to a great start! I am in the beginning stages of loving the way i am starting off my mornings to get me through each day I wake up.

Last week, I start a new adventure of switching up the food I was eating and start a whole new adventure of being healthy.

I set out on a lot of new adventures this year, like getting out of debt, change my spending habits, change my thinking. Learning to not let things bother me, because I know in the end I will have a great life. With all the hard work I put into everything.

I always tell my critters and my other half, the future is bright no matter what.

I look forward to having a much better future for us, with alk the hard work I am putting in with working a fulltime job, my blog, and my other ways to make extra money and save ha e really put a smile on my face


You are probably wondering what my blog title is saying.

How to Start Your Mornings

I can explain this to you, with me, changing my diet up a bit and changing a few other things around, when I wake up, I need to not worry about what others think. That it is my life and I strive for the best and will always work hard for me, the person I am with, and for my dog and cat.

So proceeding to start off my days, I like to wake up with the mind set that each day will be a good day. I wake up knowing that I finally have the right people in my life to surround positive energy with, and knowing that I am doing my all to male sure my furbabies, my other half and I have that safe secure future .

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Another part of getting my mornings started of right is, by eating the right foods for breakfast in the morning.

By eating the right food for breakfast to get your day going to have an impact on how your day goes throughout.

These tasks are never ever,easy, believe me. There are tests and trials that I am still learning through this adventure . With the knowledge that I start to living a much better life, then getting to share with others what I learn from it all, puts me in a great mood.

Everything we do can change the way we feel every day.

So, let me try to explain what I am saying here and bit better.

I used to always seen to stop for fast food, what seemed like everyday. This was like 3 years ago that I would. Even though it was fast and easy to go through Dunkin Donuts and get my breakfast sandwich and coffee, I would feel quilt afterwards of spending almost $10.00 on just those two alone, and my mind and my gut wasn’t too please either.

Transitioning your life Style can be difficult, but can be rewarding.

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Another new route I plplaan to finally start is exercising. My ultimate goal to look into joining a gym and start running.

However if the whether we ha e been getting ever changes soon(which I hope).


I need the sun for energy


Oh, the other thing I have changed was, drinking more water than any other fluid.

Did you know?

That if you do not drink water, you will die. You will be less cranky, perform tasks better. Ladies, water will make your skin glow.

There is a lot to benefit from drinking water.

So, what challenge will you start now in the mornings to come?

My next challenge is to keep going the direction I’m going with everything.

Here is yet one more way on how you can start your morning to a great start. Have the right positive energy around your life. By having the right people in your life to give you that positive energy every day to keep you going can make a world of a difference.

I had struggled with this for years with having the wrong negative people in my life. The way it would bring my mornings down to hear the negativity every morning, just drained me.

So what will your accomplishments be this year?




And share!


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How to Get out of Debt 2018

It was time, that I got myself out of debt, and to become financially set for life.

These days it is rough to get ahead in life and getting to a great point where you want takes a lot of hard work.

I should know this, I’ve lived it throughout 10 years oif understanding many ways of saving money, making money and understanding just where my money is going and start shifting it to where it really needs to go.

From experience, it takes a lot of patience, time, strength, willingness, to learn how to budget, where to spend money and where not to. There are several steps to take to taking this money journey, but if will always start with one person, and that person is YOU.

So, what are possible steps to take to help you succeed this major life changing event. It’s simple really.

In this blog post, I will set out just a few steps on how you can start getting yourself out of debt, 2018. These are steps I have personally started, and they have made a huge change and impact already and will continue to do so.

So, if you are ready to start taking steps in getting yourself out of debt, sit right on back, grab some popcorn and a coke, and get ready for some simple steps to making your future better.

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After ready this post, for some, hopefully it can help you to better take control of your finances, so that you can have that college fund for your child saved up. These are very simple easy steps to follow through to commit to if you commit to getting out of debt.


Stop eating fast food.

Since December 2017, I decided to stop eating fast food. When I was adding up what it cost to eat every night when stopping. It was adding up big time. $15.00 rounded a meal every night, five days a week-was costing me almost $90.00 a week!

This was outrageous to keep doing.

It was enough for me to realize how much I was spending on stopping at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King to notice that I was wasting all of this money each week.

That made me change to actually grocery shop for each month and see spending $50-$100 waa really saving me money. It’s not a lot, but still is saving me in the end.


See where your money is going

I hear this phrase. I’ve been told this several times and now I completely understand this. By seeing where your money is going, you can actually get yourself out of debt quick with this step.

If you are a smoker or chew tobacco, you can see where this is going. If you are needing to pay off debt, instead of worrying about your tobacco, think of the bills that need paid. I had to take this step myself, and seriously, it has been helping me see a major change of seeing my money grow little by little.

Instead of worrying about the brand new clothes that are $60 dollars, shop at the goodwill for a little while.

When you start to see where your money is being spent that it really shouldn’t be, it will make things better in the long run.


Ask for more hours at work

Yep, this step believe it or not, can help you at those times help you get out of debt fast. If you are always able to get more hours at work, I would suggest to always ask to have more. If their is a new position posted that pays more, certainly put in for it to get more pay.

I have recently done this and found out I was able to get more hours and pay out of the deal to help me pay for my debt.

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It is seriously time, that we all start to get ourselves out of debt for 2018. No more excuses in this day and age, no more being lazy, no more saying you can’t. We all can do this together!.


How to Start Working From Home 2018

From my experience on this journey, it us most certainly not an easy one. It takes time to build an empire of a dream that you want to live out. Effort and energy, sleep lost, and feeling drained because you are trying your best to find that way that will work for you to work from home.

Trust me, I know this all too well.

When I first thought of the idea to work from home, the year was 2015, mind you, it’s 2018 now. The research I started, I started my research on Google. I looked for any way possible that I could to bring myself home, after all, so many people out there blogging about working from home, made it look so easy like they were a magician or had a magic wand. Or their fairy God mother granted their wish.

The fact of a matter is, it took time for them to build up that position, and now after 3 years or so, they are sharing their way of, how I make $4,000.00 every month from home, stories.

I can tell you the most biggest factor thst plays in this, if you ultimately want go work from home. It will not be easy, you will have to put the work into anything. The biggest step of all, is to, research.

Research. Research. Research. There are so many websites, search engines, and so on and so forth that you have to weed out the right ones that tell you the way to work from home. Now, I can only tell you from experience on my end, because I have tried, and failed miserably at some ideas, and taking the steps back to really keep doing my own research to help anyone else, is the way I want to live my life here. Because, I do know how frustrating this topic is.

I will tell you one way I tried to make money from home, and I have failed, because, products were too expensive where I live for people on their low income, or people felt like they were scam, or, MLM companies, are that triangle pyramid…

There are lots of Direct Sales companies out there to this day, that you can make an extra side income or make a full blown career out of!

The trick with this route is to seriously do your research on your area. See what people are interesting in. Find out what they are talking about, if they want to find a new job, lose weight, make up tips, hair tips. Any of these ideas that you see others posting, can help you make your decision, on finding a Direct Sales company category.

Most certainly, see which ones are legit and real! I will tell you one makeup company, that is real,


Now I did personally try this out myself, but the products people were telling me were “too expensive”. Again, I live in a low income area, so most people cannot seem to afford high quality products. I will get into this further down the line, try to find your right audience.

On to the next idea.

In the near future, I will have an E-book that will be available to all my readers. Just keep looking out for it!

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Again, I cannot express this enough, when you are on this path to work from home this year, just know, it will not come to you over night!

Have you ever come across those post that say, “make $500.00 in the next five minutes?” Yeah. I will personally tell you, that is a scam. I’m sorry, but if you are like me still, and you work a “9-5” job, you do not get paid that quick. You have to put work into something in order to get $500.00 dollars a week!

I hate scammers!

This goes back to, finding a legit way.

I have found that within all my research of working from home, I like original pictures of some actually trying out products. Like this one I will show you….

Absolutely, no filter, no Photoshop. That is my stove top, and my bowl!.

I started a new journey to eating healthier and to lose weight! Why, because of me working in construction, I would like to be fit and active. I do not want to be slow and sluggish anymore.

This awesome company, that I will share with you in this post, has over 400 products to choose from,

Health and wellness

Good and drink





So on and so forth!

Safe products that are non toxic to the environment!

Melaleuca, and I will leave my link here in this post for anyone wanting to look further into it.

Now, they have been around since 1983. This is an online store in itself. You cannot find any of these products anywhere local. However Melaleuca is like Sam’s Club. Anyone who joins, is a customer.

Each month you place an order with them, and all of your product is delivered through UPS. There is no cold hard selling with this company!

When you are a preferred customer, you get the perk of referring others to Melaleuca, and Melaleuca will pay you for the effort you put into it!

If you want to learn more, come check out,

Research. Research. Research. Try something out, and give it a whirl! People like to see others try something before they plunge into what you are doing. If you follow what I said in this blog spot to start your journey to work from home, you will do just fine.

My suggestion to you,

Google, Pinterest, YouTube.

These are my three main go to sites for any idea to make my journey to work from home.

You will do just fine!


Dog Parent Vs Parent

I always have people argue with me about what makes you a parent. A lot of the times, there isn’t a reason to argue. No matter what, humans will always need parenting. Doesn’t matter how old we get, some days we still need our parents. So, what about dogs, and I will not forget about our cat friends too.

I am one woman, I’m sure there are plenty more, who do not have kids. There are many reasons as to why.

I do not want to get into detail about this, however, I am here to make my statement, and let others know, that you are a parent no matter what creature you have.

Is there really a competition out there that sets women apart that in order to have that “mom roll” you HAVE to give birth? In my eyes, no. There are many women in different situations for whatever reason, may not actually be able to do so. Yes, there is the adoption process, but there are that few who cannot seem to ever go that route which can make things different for them.

I am in that position, where currently, I work full time in construction. The situation for later in life wouldn’t allow kids in my future. So, I became a Furbaby Parent.

Think about this.

Pets need us to care for them too. They do depend on us. Reason they have been domesticated since the early centuries.

They cannot go out and buy food for themselves, or get water for themselves. They love the companionship of humans or other dogs.

For many years I have called my pets, my kids or my furbabies, because they are more than just a pet to me. They know when my parents come over, and I tell them, “grandma and grandpa are coming.” They know exactly who they are.

I have had those few people that have always argued with me telling me you are not a mom. You do not have a kids. It tears me up when people say things like this.

You do not even know my situation to be making these comments like that to me.

Every woman leads a different life. Most get thast picture perfect life of that family they’ve always wanted. With that life of staying at home with the kids.

For those few of us, we didn’t ask for this. Hell, it has been such a struggle for me since I was 18, dating all of these idiot men, now I am 29 and still not in that “picture perfect life” every little girl dreams about.

There are days I get upsetting comments from my family who cannot seem to understand. It’s rough watching your mom, sister, and sister in law, how they get that “mom title”.

That’s WHY I have set out in my blogging journey, that is about:




To express what it is REALLY like to be in the shoes of a girl like me, go let other women know; you are not alone.

So, is there really Dog Mom vs Mom?

Like I said, we are all mothers in this life no matter how you look at it. Some have children, some have dogs, cats, farm animals, birds, fish. Every creature needs a figure to help them grow. To be there for them.

Think of this:

Your dog, who is about to become a mother, who is sick, just gave birth to her puppies. Shortly after the sixth puppy, she passes away. You have no other dog or animal to help those puppies. So, you get all the puppy milk you can possibly get, because you know every type of baby needs few every so often in the hours.

Those puppies are now depending on you for their survival. They depend on you to help them learn and grow. They are just like him and in every way possible. They just have a different way of life than us, but still need human interaction. They are here to please us.

So I do treat dogs like they are people, because they truly are.

They give us life. They teach us something new everyday that we never knew before. They don’t let things bother them.

Don’t forget the kitties-

They show us that, they can forgive us for everything we have went through. I know my dog, he has forgave me on a lot over the years. Trust me, they show this side. They feel hurt when you see it in their face if you take special close attention to them. They show fear, they show sadness.

But, I will always fight for my baby. I will always stand up for their needs.

I will always continue to fight this statement of being a parent.

I AM A FURBABY MOMMA- AND I AM PROUD OF IT. (And I proudly sport this on the back of my RAM truck, which I will talk about my love for trucks in another blog post)….

Thank you for reading, as always, please, like, comment, share!

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How a Female Runs the Show

Today was a busy day at that, and tomorrow will be the same.

“Who runs this world? GIRLS!

That’s right! Why? Because we have what it takes to over come anything! Today I proved that!

So as most of my readers out there know, and if you do not and you are just tuning in, I am a single woman, who works in the construction industry, and a proud furbaby momma.

I am the only female that is out in the field in my company, operating equipment, and for some equipment I have not ran, I sure did prove to them that women can do anything that a man does. My equipment that I operate most is our off road articulated dump truck.

I am the second best when it comes to operating one of these. However, today I got the chance to jump in an excavator to operate it for the first time.

My first time, I did awesome.

May not have the greatest, but for a Female, they said it was pretty damn good.

Note- I am always going to be that one female blogger, that will be different and who wants to be different to show that women need not to be afraid of anything.

Empower women, is what I strive to do, along with sharing ideas with others to make extra money they need.

I have most certainly been through a lot in the past 12 years just about. I have not had one steady job, always bounced from job to job, but somehow construction I was able to do. I do no t know how or why, but I love my Tonka Adult Toys. It is just who I am.

I have always been that Tom boy growing up.

But, ladies, and men as well, let me tell you. I would’ve NEVER imagined operating that excavator today. It was a feeling like no other. It was like taking your driving lessons, but EVEN BETTER.

The few from that seat, was an experience I actually want to take more seat time in.

For all who do not know what an excavator is:

Tomorrow will be another day of training as well, and I am so excited to get back into this seat in the excavator.

So, you are probably sitting there asking, why do I like working in construction? Well, to have you better understand, I never went to college after high school for any of this. My dad works in the same industry, but not the same company. I have always been fascinated of what he did for a living. When it was take your kid to work day, I was always excited for those days, that I would get to go with him and see all the cool things he would do.

When I was a senior in high school, I had started working in a cat shelter. I love that job, but two years later I knew it was not going to pay enough. So, I searched for many jobs throughout the years. Somehow landing in the heavy equipment jobs. I absolutely found a love for operating heavy equipment.

Ladies, still thinking your afraid? Don’t be, I will gladly show you!

If we all had that mind set, that we can do anything we set our mind to, this world would be so different than what it is today. There will always be new adventures in life. So why not try them?

Time to make a change in your health? Life? Home?

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How to Boost your Blog

I truly wonder, what it takes to really getting your blog out in front of millions of others. I do all of my research to understand the work of blogging to start a new chapoter in my life, to actually be prepared for MY future.

Single woman, living on her own, working full time in construction, taking care of her dog and cat. Yet I will always have my days. I do struggle financially. One day I hope to be out of this hole. I have faith in myself.

My goal is to teach others the way, and to show them they can overcome anything in life that they face. To have them feel inspired of my story of what I have accomplished over the years, letting them know, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. It is hard to over come this situation, especially in a “closed minded” area that I live in, because so many here think that someone if we them something for nothing. That is far from the truth.

We all live the dream. The American Dream. Starr young, that’s why it is ok for high schoolers to start working while in High School. If you can drive then, you can most certainly get a job. That’s when you learn to save money rather than worry about spending.

I wish I would’ve learned thus then when I was in school. Today I am paying for it.

No one should be in debt in their late 20’s or 30’s. No one should be struggling to pay rent or pay their car payment.

Why hasn’t anyone learned this yet? It is simply this, no one taught them when they were younger. If I could have every penny back from buying beer when I was younger, I would have at least a half year saved in my bank account to this day. If I would’ve never caved into peer pressure to smoke cigerates or chew, I’d have my other half waiting to pay off my other half of the year.

If only, if only.

But, the days need to moved forward, and I am always search for a way to make extra cash just so I am able to get ahead in life. I have been down so many paths and ideas, I can’t seem to count them anymore. (Laughing).

Recently, I was told of a new idea to try to earn some extra cash. However, I am not ready to share this idea with you all just yet. I am going to be definitely testing this one out before I share it. This idea, I always for years, thought it was a joke or scams. With the right eyes though, someone found this opportunity for me, and I have been doing nothing but learning and researching this idea. When I start to see results, that is when I will let others know about this money making idea.

What I keep learning about blogging, is that, it takes finding your niche to become successful in it. Write what you know, that can help another person out. That’s what a blog is for right? Informational life stories for every blogger to share with the world.

I am still a fresh blogger here. Come June 2018 I will be blogging for one year.

So, how can a blogger start to see results if Facebook doesn’t work for them?


If you have Pinterest- definitely do follow me.

I have learned that Pinterest, is more of a search engine than a social gathering. It is where all great ideas are posted for someone to find. It is like Google, only better from what I am starting to see.

I have learned, that using the right key words in your posts have made a great change this week alone!

People love unique anything.

For me, I am a single woman in construction, and I am finding my post with my work truck are starting to go around little by little.

I like to find more original items on Pinterest than anything. I like to see different. I am not like most women.

There is so much to play with on Pinterest to gain more and more to grow your blog, if you take the time research and learn and read everything, this adventure with start to cone more easy.

It had sure for me!


How to Stay Energized

It is easy more than ever today to choose, a juice, tasty cheeseburger and golden fries with that bubbly coke on the side to wash it down. With mobile app ordering easily accessed at our fingertips and as though it may save us time in our busy schedules we have day to day, it may in fact be breaking our bank accounts more.

But, I am not going to be talking about money in this post. I have decided to do a comparison with eating fast food VS a healthy snack. It is true that the food we eat, will have a different affect on our bodies.

Last week, I had to make three of eating on the run. So, McDonald’s it was. Although I had been not eating McDonald’s since December 2017, those three days really took affect on me. I felt sick, I was tired, and moody. I said,

I cannot keep doing this. Things have to change here.

Where I work, they provide in the office, bananas, oranges, kiwi, apples. This week I totally took advantage of this, while bringing healthier choices of food that I prepared for myself during the week. Without stopping anywhere. I have noticed a big improvement this week, in my energy, my attitude has vastly changed this week. It’s just amazing what food can do to us.

I had been eating apples for about a good week now. It was like my body needed this source of food.

So what is it about this little round fruit, that comes in reds, greens, and has different flavors and textures thst gives us maybe the energy or helps our attitudes improve.

Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. This article provides a nutritional profile of the fruit and its possible health benefits.

To read more, here is the article:

So what other health benefits do other foods have?

How about we look at Bananas?

Who loves Minions? Those little yellow dudes on Dispicple Me!

It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium,calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6. These all contribute to the proper functioning of the body and keeping you healthy. The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a super fruit.

To read more, check out this link.

Now, let’s take a little look into the fast food world.

Oct 18, 2017 Β· Fast food is usually higher in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium in comparison to homemade meals. Eating too much fast food can increase risk for health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

To read more, check out this website.

Living a better lifestyle seems to be the trending thing today. Fitness goals, find the right fit for us. Time plays an issue on most of our lives today.

Packing extra in our lunch boxes to ensure if we have a long day to help us live longer. Choosing the right foods as well, will help us in the long run.

Looking for a great way this year to start living healthier?

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