Valentine’s Day-day 1

This year, what will Valentine’s day mean to you? Will it mean, spending the time with your loved one? Going out to dinner? Spending a ton of money on each other? We all know this special day falls through the week this year, so it can make it harder for most couples to spend time with each other this year. Most will have to work on this holiday.

This year my loved one and I made the promise to not go all out on this day. Being that Christmas and birthdays have past, we both know it’s never about the gifts on any given day of the year. These holidays are meant to cherish that time wisely with who is in your life. Times have gotten harder, each day is a struggle for most, and everything gets harder as the days go by.

This year for this holiday, I’m planning on giving away items that I want to just simply get rid of, and that I want to say thanks to any and all my readers out there, who do take that time to read my blog posts.

I have some Avon samples I’d love to part with

Some iPhone accessories

And a few other freebies I plan to rid of this year, because I am feeling that mood this year.

I want my readers to keep enjoying coming back to my blog this year! So why not have some fun with This?

I have 5


Samples of this Avon ANEW AHA Refining Cream, that I am wanting to get rid of.

I am looking out for this however,

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Here is a Method That is Helping Me to Save

It has been rough the past few days to blog, left work Friday feeling fine, however going to bed, I got that sickness that has been going around. Haven’t been able to process a real good blog post here. But, yesterday while working on my house really got my head turning on ways I’m shifting my finical situation this year, with plenty of ways of how I will be saving money this year and getting by with things that I need versus things I want.

There is a huge difference with needs and wants, right? Needs are food, toothpaste, toilet paper, things like that. Wants are makeup, getting your nails done, going to the movie theater, going out to eat.

I am really on the mission this year to getting out of debt totally. I am learning, it is possible to do so. For anyone, if you work real hard at it, you can get out of debt within one to two years if you are determined to do so. If you aren’t, well, so be it.

One step I’ve decided to take is, getting the people who bring me down out of my life. I personally cannot deal with those who’s complain to me about their problems while I have my own, plus finding ways to help others out who want to try to change their ways. I like people that have goals in mind, want a better life. I want to be surrounded by people who are into saving money, becoming more finically set in life, work hard for everything they have. Also people who have an open mind to anything to try.

I am excited this year because I am already seeing a change in my bank account. Since I made my vow of not stopping at ANY fast food places anymore, I’m seeing more and more money in my account so I can be able to set money aside to start paying off all my debt I have. It made me happy to notice a huge difference since I made that step. I feel a sense of ease knowing I can make better changes.

I used to have my finical situation at a great spot when I was 22, but somehow over the years (I’ll be 30 this year) it has dramatically changed. Some people gave said that it had a lot to do with the guys I chose to date, that there was a major truth! But this is for another day!

In this blog today, I am sharing the idea of needs and wants when saving money. You need food, but you simply do not need your nails done-this is a want.

If you are looking to start saving money today, write down a list of needs and wants, compare what you can cut out so you can push your money into your other debt. It’s worth every penny and every minute you have free to help you get a way out of the hole you are in. I know I’m happy to be changing my ways this year, and hope to have others follow me.

So, I challenge you, take a look at your needs versus your wants! Get your finances together today!

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Friday- Flyers Savings

This morning was difficult getting up, know that I had to get up a half hour later than I normally do, to get ready for work. It’s Friday, it’s winter, it’s cold, and knowing I see I have a good blog going here for only starting it last year, really makes me want to concentrate on my blog. I do see the potential in this, working hard every day at it, being consistent, putting great content to gather in it, because I do leave my house to work, so I love finding anyway to save money, earn cash back, and make extra money.

I am one that never went to college after high school. I started work while I was in high school. If I would’ve know then, what I know now, I definitely would’ve saved money back then. This was in 2006, now we are in 2018. These times can be scary, but if you have the ambition that I do, this won’t be so hard then.

I am probably getting annoying to most of you that I have know for years, and that is ok! Some of you, you might be getting interested in what I’m posting, and that is great! I have joined Facebook groups to share my blog for others around the world.

I made a post about an app, and one person asked me if I had made any money off of it yet. The response I told them;

Personally nothing yet. I live in a depressed area where no one wants to change their life, and give nothing a try. So I am pushing myself to try things.

Hopefully I can get things to change where I live.

That’s why I have been venturing to different groups on Facebook to start growing my blog.

It’s true, the area I live in, is very much depressing, where jobs are just retail and fast food minimum wage, or warehouse jobs. It’s just not a lot to thrive on and grow yourself. For me, that’s why I travel outside the are for my job. Money is better. My job is also that company that is helping others, making communities stronger.

So, this is my whole reason behind this blog, to helps others and making communities stronger.

If you are looking for a great way to start saving, I have a place for you to start on this cold January 5, 2018.

This app I have on my phone is called Shopkick, and I can explain in some little detail about it, I can only explain so much that I know of the app, and hopefully I can get others to try it out with me. I will leave my referral code here in this post then, for anyone interested in trying out this app with me.

Shopkick is this app, you can download on your phone, this is a rewards and deals apps. When I walk into a store I get points for just walking in. You can scan products that each store has on the app to earn points, scan you receipts from your purchases as well. If you make a purchase through this app, you can earn a percentage back from making a purchase through the app. I have yet to make a purchase through the app. But I have done the others I have made mentioned, and yes I have earned points. This app can act as your shopping list too, there is a section where you can make a shopping list.

Summing this app up for you;

-Earn FREE gift cards while you shop!

-Rack up reward points (kicks) in-store and online!

-Earn kicks when you walk in, scan, or purchase.

-Earn kicks for shopping with online partners.

-Cash them in and treat yourself to gift cards!

-Plus, when you start referring others, when someone accepts your invite and gets their first walk-in or scan(within 7 days of joining) you both earn 250 kicks!

-So why not give Shopkick a try today

Here is my referral code to join!


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Working Towards a Goal

So, this morning I figured I would make this post since I thought of it last night. It’s a thought I’ve had on my mind.

I grew up with my mother being a stay at home wife/mom, and I always thought that was the life style to live, until today it has never happened to me. But, I see friends that I have went to school with and now see my sister-in-law get to play this role, and I’d give anything at the age of 29 to have that life style.

So I have researched ways over the last few years to stay at home, and make a living from home. I know the majority of you think I’m crazy, I’m annoying, and that is fine, you are not the right person to stay in my life or any means of social interaction with.

Whether you are female or male, what I do is try to strive for something better. I will work for everything I have. No, I do not need a job from anyone, I can handle that on my own.

What I want is what I want, I do not want anyone telling me how to live life anymore.

A little about me, most of you know, I am 29, I work full time in construction, working in construction I do not get much time for anything. No matter what, I am a mother. May not be to a kid (human), it’s a dog and a cat. I take care of them, so I am a very proud Furbaby mother.

I have been through a lot of relationships with guys that have all be disappointing, hopefully this time around is a better one.

I pray everyday, that special day comes for me that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone.

I work for everything I have. Whether I keep working in construction or see that my blog or YouTube Channel has finally started making me something, I will keep working towards that goal I have, to stay at home.

I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, horseback riding, four wheeling, truck shows, car shows, horses, farm life.

I am definitely note one for the city.

I love Spongebob, minions, singing, writing songs, playing guitar. The colors, purples and blues.

I would rather drive a truck than a little zippy car.

My dislikes are, onions, pork chops, ketchup, small zippy cats, pepper, peppers.

I do not have a lot of friends. Just people I’ve meant throughout the years.

I simply enjoy writing, I find it soothing for me, maybe that’s why I am going to stay consistent with this blog from here on out. From writing songs to blogging, to me it’s the same concept, getting something out there for the world to see, to help others in any way that I can. Whether it’s finically or needing something to read to feel better.

I will not back down from this, I know I will lose a lot of people from blogging and YouTube.

That’s fine! It’s who is there in the end.

I have a goal in mind to keep blogging, Youtube, and find any mean to living life at home but still bring money in.

That’s what I choose. So I hope I have a fan base behind me.

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Eating on a Budget

It definitely isn’t eating easy on a budget. In fact, lately I have turned to Dollar Tree to try and see what box dinners they have. I’ve been living on these box dinners for about a good solid month now, to avoid the endless time in the kitchen of cooking being that my current work schedule is already long days to begin with.

I know these are never the healthiest for you, but knowing they are better than stopping at McDonald’s knowing I want to be saving money, because I am fixing up a house, these box dinners are coming in handy more and more!

Oh might I add, no one said it would be easy, but if you have to change things to get by, I would totally recommend anyone doing this!

Those cases of Ramen Noodles, my brother lives off those for almost 6 months. You can make little different meals out of them, I tried bacon in one, eggs, even put frozen veggies in a pack of Ramen noodles.

Here’s the great part! You will never live like this for long! Because it’s something now, you are willing to live like this on these box meals now, means there is something greater in store for you later!

No one will ever judge you for living like this! Hey, I do this!

The reason I’m living on these box dinners currently, is simply because, I’m fixing a house to sell it. So a lot of money is getting put into the house right now, for paint, oil, and other supplies.

With a little motivation on your end, there are quite a few apps out there that can help you save money at the grocery store if any of these box dinners are ever on sale! I have a list of apps:

Shopkick – use my referral codeif you are interested

FUN574287- my referral code

Shopular app

Dosh App- is my referral link




Anything is worth a try if you are willing to go for it!

It’s a new year, start this year off by saving!


Making Money From Home

I know some people that may look at me like I have two heads from the title of this post. Yes, you can make money from home. There are a lot of ways you can if you set your mind to it.

I do have a long list of ideas that you can make money from home, but for today, I will cover two that are similar in a way depending your preference.

Now for the record, or disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any of these ideas that I am going to be discussing in this blog post this morning.

These two topics are perfect for a high schooler, college student, and/or stay at home parents.

I’ve seen many and heard of many doing these two jobs. I’ve done one myself on occasions, but in my situation of working a full time job currently, it is tough to juggle.

First topic of the day, is babysitting. Babysitting you can do if you have a lot of friends that have kids and you wish to ask them to see if they need you to babysit for them.

You can also make flyers and post them up in your local grocery store, laundromat, or maybe your public library, to let parents know in you area you are there to babysit. Your flyers do not have to be any special way, in fact you do not have to sink a ton of money into them. If you have a computer at home and you have Microsoft Word, you can find a template to use to make your flyer. Perhaps you didn’t have a computer, your local library may be of use also to make your flyers, which might cost a few cents to a couple dollars to print out your flyers.

For this particular little job, there are a few websites you can look into that a lot of people will use today.

http://www.care.com is a great websites to check out for babysitting gigs in your local area. It is free to sign up. You can check out the website, you can sign up using your Facebook (if you have) or simply using your email and creating your password. Once you have signed up, you’ll want to look into the areas you are willing to cover, creating the time and days on the calendar that is provided for you under your profile. You can start searching for babysitting gigs in your area.

Getting a background check for the site increases your chances of getting found by families, this is a little investment on your part. Also getting ratings on your profile can help you as well.

Another website to check out is http://www.sittercity.com. I’ve never really used them, not many areas where I live use this site.

Craigslist is another, always be cautious when using Craigslist.

If babysitting isn’t your cup of tea, maybe perhaps you are more of an animal person, and there is never anything wrong whether you prefer kids or Furbabies. You can definitely look into pet sitting.

By asking your friends, neighbors, family if they ever go on a trip, you can let them know you are willing to pet sit if they went away.

Now you can use http://www.care.com for pet sitting as well, same concept goes for when signing up.

Craigslist you can look at too for finding gigs for petsitting, again always use caution with Craigslist.

You can make flyers as well just like babysitting and post them up in your local grocery store, laundromat, public library.

I can vouch for this, always ask your local grocery, laundromat, or public library if it is ok to hang a flyer up. Most of the time it is. Some will not allow it.

These two gigs are great opportunities to working from home, or just making some extra side cash.

Again, I am no way sponsored by anything of these ideas! But, I would recommend these ideas to anyone looking!

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Day 1- Get Out of Debt Challenge

Yes, this is day one of getting out of Debt! Actually I was doing pretty good for the past few weeks on this challenge. You ready for this?

I am no longer stopping at any fast food chain to eat. That’s right, no more McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Sheetz, Wawa, Long John Silvers, you name the list. That’s the first step of getting out of debt in my book.

Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to tell you how much money is thrown out the window if I or you are constantly stopping at fast food places. Now, I am not saying this math is right for everyone. But I did it for me, a single person.

For a medium size value meal at McDonald’s, it cost me, almost $12.00. That’s medium fry, medium drink and the main course! That is unreal! Now I can go to Walmart, and pick up a 6 pack of frozen burgers for about $6.00, pack of buns, for about $1.50…. now I barely put anything on my burgers, but if you seriously take the time and add up prices when shopping at your local grocery versus going to a McDonald’s for supper, you are looking at a big difference in your wallet!

Now since stopping at fast food places, I have started to seriously look into ways to start saving money at my grocery store. I have researched for ideas to start saving, earning cash back, even making extra money. These ideas are worth it in the end, but you have to ultimately be that person to stop making excuses! Start changing!

Sometimes my goal of blogging and YouTube is definitely to have a way to quit my full time job within a years time frame! Helping others with a path to a new year, helping you get out of any hole that you are in.

I’m ready for change, are you?

If you are looking to start saving money this year, I have an awesome app for any of youbto try!

This app is called Shopkick. Shopkick is an app where you can earn points to walking into a store, scanning items, scanning your receipts. You can earn cash back from purchases you make through the app itself, also, you can earn extra money from referring others to this app as well!

I will leave my referral code here, if you wish to sign up for this app!

Referral code for Shopkick- FUN574287

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 has definitely brought to many of us, a roller coaster of events. I want to have 2018 come to everyone with good news! I want to have my blog and my YouTube Channels sky rocket this year. I’d love to bring more positivity to an area I live, less negativity, see others start to change their tunes.

I started blogging for the intentions of just try to make extra money somehow.

Now I am looking at it in a totally different aspect. The more I learn about blogging, and how it works, the more I completely understand what blogging does.

Blogging to me is in no way of a “nagging” session. What blogging is truly to me, it is a way to bring my thoughts together, or life events I’ve been through, to give ideas of how I got out of them, finically. I enjoy blogging about money making ideas for any of you that maybe struggling with this as well!

I am ready to see what this new year will bring to my blog, my social media’s, and my YouTube Channels.

I do have two blogs that I run, two YouTube Channels, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

So let’s bring in this new year together, better than ever, a strong community, that might need some uplifting spirit in it. Let’s start saving, making extra money, and earning cash back together!

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Inbox Dollars you can,

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Take advantage of the cash offers through the app

Watch adds

And simply share the app with others!

This app will not make you a lot!

But if you are at it everyday, you can make that extra money to go out to dinner!

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